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How do I crack the TCS aptitude test?

Duration for test:

10 min + 80 min = 90 min.

You have to write an email using the given clues in around 70 words. You have to type the email in the space given. The most important thing is you have to use all the phrases given without missing even single one.

After the email writing, you have to take an aptitude test of 30 questions in 80 minutes.

Syllabus for written test:

According to the model questions given in the TCS recruitment portal NextStep- Tata Consultancy Services we can assume the following chapters are very important. There is no verbal part in TCS aptitude test except for email writing. 1/3rd negative marking will be there.

Important topics:

Number system, Equations, Ratio and Proportion, Percentages, Profit and Loss, Time and Work, Time speed Distance, Areas and Mensuration, Averages, Permutations and Combinations, Probability, Plane geometry, Seating Arrangements, Sets, Progressions, Functions.

Interview process:

There is no hard and fast rule that you may be asked only Technical questions in technical interview. or HR questions in HR interview. You have to prepare well before for all the types of interviews.

For technical interview, you have to focus on C, DBMS and JAVA. It is important you have to be through with at least a couple of your core subjects.

The three most common types of interview/selection process are:

1. Aptitude:

Cover the basic aptitude that you read during 6th-10th standard in your school.
2. Technical Interview:
 Choose a domain/technology . Cover the basics of programming and have a good knowledge on the latest news or version updates. The interviewer will be happy if one is strong in C Language concepts very well. Just try to solve the algorithms , programming is the just way to write the solution.

3. General/Personal Interview:
 For this dress well and speak confident. Never get stressed or make false promises , they never work.

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