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What are some of the coolest government jobs in India which are even better than private jobs? Answer Request▾

Working with SEBI aka Securities Exchange Board of India.

The Securities Market Regulator is an excellent employer.

Compensation - They pay a starting CTC of 13 lakhs per annum. That's an extremely high salary for people with no relevant work experience or even qualification. 

Post grads can easily apply. If ordinary M.A. pass students were to apply elsewhere, they'd get peanuts or be over worked.

Work - The work is extremely interesting with compliance, surveillance, legal,investigation and regulation and development of markets.

Unlike other government jobs where bureaucracy dims your corporate appeal, regulatory employees get amazing packages when they jump ship!

Education - Constant training and re education initiatives. From futures to derivatives to options. SEBI has its own training manuals and institute in Mumbai called NISM.

Not only are their fees reimbursed but they are paid incentives for completing courses!!

They also get an insane amount of allowances and perks! From Housing to top class running gear for those who are marathoners or would like to attempt the same.

Office - They have their own premises at BKC - a really nice office.

Regular working hours with low stress.

Glamorous job profiles with investigation into cases of Sahara, DLF, you name it!

Beats selling cigarettes/soap/notebooks.

High job security with their own appellate tribunal and lots of personal growth and development.

I think working for the financial regulator is a very attractive proposition.

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