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what are Bits and Bytes And the Difference between them.

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Have you already forgotten the difference between bits and bytes, Kilobits and Kilobytes, Megabits and Megabytes etc, or are still pursuing your computer science education and find this confusing. Do not worry, because all your doubts are about to vanish away and you will never forget it again, most probably. If you do forget, then you can bookmark this link and keep it safe to quickly revise.

In computer network, Bits and Bytes are nothing but standard units of digital data which is transmitted over a network. 1 byte has 8 bits.

What is a Bit?

As we know that our modern age computers are nothing but electronic devices which are very good in performing calculations at a very very fast speed. Our computer communicates in digital form, by converting information into bits(short for binary digits), which is nothing but a combination of 0's and 1's. Being electronic in nature, a computer generates bits using the lower and higher voltages running through its circuits which is then converted into 1's and 0's by a Network adapter through a process called as encoding to transmit information over a computer network.

What is a Byte?

A byte is nothing but a collection of 8 bits. As a single bit can either be 0 or 1, hence it is not of much use, as we can only represent two states using a single bit, but when you combine 8 bits together and you can have 256 different arrangements of 0's and 1's thereby making 1 byte more useful, as it can represent a number from 0 to 255 in binary form.

If you are thinking that how are the 256 patterns possible, here is a small representation for you:

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